Danny Staple, The director of ODM Solutions has a number of technical publications that would be of interest to potential customers. They showcase his technical excellence.

  • Learn Robotics Programming - Packt Publishing - Danny is the author of this book. It covers building, and programming a Raspberry Pi based robot using Python. The book includes planning robot blocks and architecture (hardware and software), setting up a headless robot with SSH, interfacing with different kinds of sensors, visual processing with Opencv and numpy, making a webserver with Flask with JS/jquery User interfaces working with the i2c bus, setting up Mycroft as a voice control agent alongside electronics skills like soldering and wiring.
  • Build A Low-Cost Robot - MagPi - This was a six part series in print from August 2019 through to January 2020. It showed building a robot from a lunchbox on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian, including electronics, sensors, programming in Python 3 and visual processing with OpenCV.